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I am a Guelph-based, queer, interdisciplinary artist using labour, printmaking, painting, illustration and installation. My artistic practice taps into the human tendencies of failure and awkwardness, with one foot in the realm of happy go-lucky cartoons and another facing my experience with shame, regret, and anxiety.

Along with my own practice, Ahmri Vandeborne and I co-founded Otherwise Studios in which our practices extend into a range of collaborations including workshops, performances, and community weaving opportunities that put an emphasis on skill development and creating brave space.

Poorthing is a little chunk of my practice, that allows for special pieces to live in new places all over. 

Packaging my work to get home saving to you is something I put loads (maybe too much) thought into. There's nothing better getting a sweet little package in the mail all dressed up and ready to be opened. I use an assortment of found papers, offcut fabrics, and tie it all shut with up-cycled string. The envelopes and boxes I use are either made from post-consumer paper or recycled from things I already had.

Waste. I do many things to try and minimize my waste; I try to avoid buying things in plastic, I recycle every possible piece of packing that comes through my studio, I save all my offcuts for future work, and I even go dumpster diving to find pretty treasures. Unfortunately I cannot yet say I am zero waste yet, but I do as much as I can and am always looking for more ways to keep it as close to zero as possible.